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Our Services

Tailored Training

We build learning processes tailored to your needs; enabling your employees to put knowledge to work.

The Development Process; Knowing - Doing - Being

We build learning processes tailored to your needs; enabling your employees to put knowledge to work. All our consultants have a long serving experience in their respective field of expertise which ensures a no-nonsense practical approach to most issues related to leadership. Some examples of learning processes that we have delivered:

Leadership and Management: Performance Management, Change Management, High Performing Teams, Remote and Virtual Teams, Coaching Skills

Sales and Marketing: Advanced Sales & Negotiation, Key Account Management, Sales Process Review

To sustain performance initiatives it is important to measure and follow up on areas critical for organizational success. We tailor various surveys to your needs.

Example of tools that we are using:

  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Cultural Due Diligence
  • Online Change Support Surveys
  • Online 360 degree feedback tools
  • Tailored Employee Surveys
  • Management Performance Assessment


In order to provide a good base for individual as well as team and organizational development we have consultants certified for the following tools:

  • Team Mangament Systems (TMS)
  • Change Preference Assessment (CPA)
  • Belbin
  • Myers Briggs
  • FIRO-B
  • 16PF
  • 15FQ+

Mergers & Acquisitions

We all know that most Mergers & Acquisitions fail to meet their business objectives, one plus one doesn't even equal 2. Why is this, and what can you do about it? Of course there can be many reasons:

Unforeseen market changes
Incorrect estimation of business synergies
Supplier problems

There are many things that you can blame but by far the most common reason is Culture. As is said “Culture eats Strategy for lunch” - Why is this the case? If its well-known this is the most common reason then why is more not done? We think there is a very simple and straightforward reason. Most managers have no training and no tools on how to measure, interpret and make a judgment call on cultures.

Questions that needs to be addressed to ensure a successful merger or aqusition:

Are the organisational cultures the same or very different?
How are they different?
What will be the challenges we will face?
What are the steps we need to take to deal with these challenges?
What size of investments are linked the culture?
How will culture impact the potential to reach the business target?

At Sharing Insight we have an extensive experience and knowledge on how to find answers and deal with cultural challenges. Why not start with a cultural due diligence when carrying out your next merger or acquisition?

We promise it pays off.

Read more: Measuring cultures in mergers

Open Courses

Core Leadership Program

Do you see Leadership as a competitive edge? How much more efficiently do you work when you are truly motivated? Would you like your meetings to be more effective? What activities create results in your company? What would happen with the results if your people were more motivated, the meetings were more effective and people truly engaged themselves in activities that contributed to the overall result?

Join our open Core Leadership Program, developed based on our experience with 3000 leaders from across the Globe. We promise you an active, highly engaging learning journey that will give you insights, tools and techniques that you can implement from day one.

The program is tailored to mid - senior level managers who want to strengthen their leadership effectiveness. The program uses self-awareness tools and activities to enhance your leadership capabilities. You will learn strategies for continuous development through extensive assessment, group discussions, self-reflection, small group activities and personal coaching, to further strengthen business performance through improved leadership capabilities in selected competence areas, ultimately resulting in:

How to use leadership as a competitive edge
Further insight to personal strength and potential improvement areas - Improved personal effectiveness A deeper understanding on how own behaviour impacts business results and how you can adjust to create eve better results
How to deal with different perspectives – leading in a multicultural environment and across generation boundaries
Insight in how to build high performing teams
How to reach the full potential of people and better alignment of strategies, values, targets and leadership behaviours
Ultimately understanding how to create excellence through people

Contact us for a more detailed overview of the course content

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Consulting Services

We offer consulting and coaching services in many areas related to organizational development.


To most people today, the word “consulting” is a generic term that could mean just about anything. To us, consulting means active listening and asking you the right questions rather than talking and having all the right answers. To share insight, not to sell a prefabricated concept.


Similar to consulting, coaching is also a word in broad use today, often referred to as the medicine for all kinds of organizational shortcomings. Typical assignments include: Supporting various aspects of organizational restructuring; mergers and acquisitions, re-organizations, downsizing, strategy shifts, building virtual communities, productivity programs etc. Our view on coaching: It’s one of many tools that leaders must master in order to help people help themselves. In this, coaching is the path toward:

Getting insights on people’s true issues
Encouraging people to come up with their own solutions
Developing people as individuals and professionals
Real delegation; avoiding that you habitually take on other people’s problems

Besides training people in coaching skills, we ourselves act as professional coaches to people wanting to break out of their individual comfort zones. In this, we stick to our belief that our coaching techniques are common knowledge but every coaching session is unique. Small groups of people or large groups of people gathering together for a purpose? We can help with facilitation and ssupport.

Small groups of people (less than 18):

You have called for a management/department meeting on a certain topic and you want to ensure that you get the most out of the discussions.

When in a management/department meeting most people find it non-productive to combine the role of facilitating the meeting process and at the same time try to contribute with input to the meeting as a delegate.

We have longstanding experience of facilitating processes where small groups of people come together for:

Department Meetings
Strategy Sessions
Brainstorming Seminars
Team Conflict Resolution

We help you design and facilitate the process to the result you expect.

Large groups of people (more than 18):

It is common that organizations get all their top managers together to discuss certain issues, align people and to foster networks in the organization. Typically these occasions demand a lot of your resources for preparation time; quite often under time pressure where you need to bring a lot of different elements together. We recommend that you treat these management meetings as a project with several activities in need of synchronization such as:

Design of meeting according to purpose
Selection and invitation of managers
Location, travel and accommodation (lodging, food and drinks)
Events and teambuilding activities
Internal/External speaker invitation and coordination
Workshop design and management
Templates preparation
Technical arrangements
Documentation at meetings

We can assist on some or all of these activities.


Give your people insights!

Peter Lysell is a top class inspirer and appreciated speaker in areas regarding change and on how to build well-functioning teams/workplaces.

Would you like to get insights, laugh, get motivated, get food for thought and create energy in your organisation? Then Peter Lysell is the right speaker for you. Peter creates tailor made presentations that are adapted to your organisation and your people, based on where you are now and where you want to go.

Using his extensive experience of over 20 years in helping managers and employees to reach their goals, Peter connects with most people. His examples come from a variety of industries, his work has spanned from the chemical industry to IT and Media, and he has presented his work in over 15 countries. Peter freely shares his insights on how to get people to keep up with change, conflict resolution or how to build well-functioning groups.


Peter has helped hundreds of management teams to achieve greater efficiency, and has worked together with over 2,000 leaders in various positions in order to realise their goals and visions. Peters topics have a broad range depending on your needs, some examples of themes are: Creating effective workplaces, Conflicts as an important part of change, Creating high performance teams, Who leads you? - managing own development and taking responsibility, Organisational culture and Leading change.

Peter's personal style and presence, coupled with the ability to customise presentations for each customer, means that he fits in with many different contexts, from small groups to large events. If you know what you want Peter will help you to develop and reinforce your message and give your employees a boost to move forward.

We dare to promise an insightful event that will give participants concrete tools to take with them.

Contact Peter via our online contact page

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The creative consulting company.
Think ahead. Stay ahead.

At Sharing Insight we believe that today that most medium and large sized international companies face similar business challenges. We also believe that the distinction between outstanding, medium and mediocre performing companies can be found in how companies manage to transform their business challenges into sustainable people actions and that each company must make their own, conscious way through the jungle of business and people issues facing them.

We also think that one company's chosen path on their business' roadmap cannot serve as the blueprint for the next company. Even if the challenges are the same, each company is uniquely positioned to tackle them in their own way.


Results not reports.
Works where it matters.

Sharing Insight is a focused partner to medium- and large sized international companies; companies where management share the sincere opinion that business challenges need to be linked to people challenges. In this, Sharing Insight's people have a long and substantial experience serving respected international companies in many types of industries.

Finally: No consultant or expert has the ultimate solution to your business and people challenges. We don’t claim to have it, either. What Sharing Insight offers is an interactive process with our customers and partners where we together generate a common view based on all our combined experience. That’s why we are Sharing Insight.

Our style of delivery is characterized by an emphasis on authenticity and straight forwardness. We only do things we believe in and practice ourselves.

Working with clients also requires us to adjust our communication style to the client company; humour, internal jargon, ways of interacting etc. to maximize output.